Joseph Monforte, PhD

Joseph Monforte, PhD
Precision Medicine and Genomics Advisor
Wild Type Advisors

Dr. Joseph Monforte is focused on supporting businesses strategically and technically in the precision/personalized medicine arena by way of his deep background in genomics and genetics as applied to companion diagnostics. He is continuously exploring the cutting edge in health monitoring as well as the potential for big data initiatives to solve a host of current medical challenges. He brings to all of the work he does a passion for improving medicine for the individual, a focus on long-term relationship building, and a collaborative approach to new technology, product development, and business development.

Dr. Monforte has more than 20 years serving as a scientific leader, including 15 years as Chief Scientific Officer, for multiple companies. He is an advocate, evangelist, and strong voice in personalized medicine, as well as an expert in genomics and genetic platform technologies and their application in the clinical setting and a creator and developer of a range of life sciences research and diagnostic products.

Having served as a cross-disciplinary consultant and advisor to a range of healthcare companies on their precision medicine programs, Dr. Monforte combines a broad, interdisciplinary technical and business acumen with an extensive base of knowledge and experience in science, medicine, product development, and business development. He also has experience in building multiple businesses and business units from scratch and is effective in communication across a range disciplines, including core sciences, medicine, information technologies, data analysis, product development, business development, and commercialization.


Collaborating With the FDA: What Has Worked and What Hasn't?
Plenary Session
2:20 PM - 3:10 PM